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10872_558955330792986_938447708_nPresident and Blog Editor: Christina Marino

Christina is a transfer student to the College of Charleston in 2011. She studied fashion design for a year at Marymount University and was involved in their fashion club working for local events in Washington, D.C. and volunteering for the yearly “Portfolio in Motion” fashion show in the Spring. In Spring 2012 she volunteered for Charleston Fashion Week. March 2012 her and Cloie Ballard created the Fashion Club at the College. She has participated in the planning and execution of events put on by the organization. In the future she hopes to work for a design label in New York City as a buyer or seller.

UntitledTrend Report and Event Reviews: Josh Mangle

Josh Mangle is a freshman student at the College of Charleston.  He is a Communications and International Studies major with a focus in Asia.  He currently writes trends for the College of Charleston’s Fashion Club’s Blog.  He has volunteered at events such as the Spring Issue and Charleston Fashion Week.  After college, he hopes to work in public relations for a major fashion company.

CofC Fashion Club 2012-2013

CofC Fashion Club 2012-2013


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