The Spring Issue: Review

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: White on White

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: White on White

The College of Charleston’s Fashion Club held its first ever runway show on April 6th in Stern Center Ballroom. It was entitled: The Spring Issue. Not only did we have red hot models and fierce fashions, but the club was dressed to kill as well. The collections shown were from stores located directly in Downtown Charleston. The stores shown were Banana Republic, White House/Black Market, and Haute Hanger. From these stores, we chose looks for casual wear, interview wear and graduation attire. These three looks are absolutely essential to have in any college student’s wardrobe.

The runways were divided up between men and women’s collections. For the women, I noticed a few particular trends. Denim was extremely popular. A cute denim jacket, especially if its cropped, adds a cute but edgy style to anyone’s wardrobe. The denim jackets shown at The Spring Issue had an extra spice with the  addition of studs on the sleeves. The women’s collections softened this hard denim look by adding strong floral prints. The prints gave a nice contrast and provided a stunning casual look.

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: Color

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: Color

Another trend I noticed was the ever popular spring trend of white on white. The white on white trend is perfect because it plays into the softness that is always in style for spring. The final trend presented for the women’s collection, and my personal favorite of the evening, was the soft pastel colors mixed with hard, bold metallic accents. I cannot say enough of how much I’m in love with this style choice. Bold jewelry statements can truly make or break an entire outfit, but match it with the right color shade and you have a bombshell outfit for any occasion.

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: Denim

The Spring Issue 2013: CofC Fashion Club: Denim

The men’s collection was next. The men were in clothes provided by Banana Republic. This collection was very reliant on geometric strips. This is a very big trend on the runways right now. The color choices for the men’s wear collection were spectacular and ranged from soft, cool shades of blue and purple to bold, deep black and crisp white. Opening outfits were casual wear. They ranged from short sleeved button-ups to a jean pants and a deep navy sweater. The final pieces shown were suits. The suits shown were well tailored and fit the models perfectly. All in all, it was a fantastic show.

I can truly say that the show went off successfully and it was a great experience had by all. If you missed, not to worry because there is always next year! Go out, have fun, and style fashionable my friends.

Josh M.


Photos courtesy of Tiffany Greer “With Love Photography” 


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