Charleston Fashion Week: Review

Charleston Fashion Week. There are no words for how incredible it was. From the mixture of light and sound, to the glorious designers and red hot models that rocked the runways, everything was the picture of perfection. It was my first year attending this prestigious event and it surpassed everything I expected.

Charleston Fashion Week: Spring 2013: Belk

Charleston Fashion Week:
Spring 2013: Belk

Everyone who was in attendance was dressed in their absolute best. Especially the judges, including Fern Mallis and Ashanti wearing Christian Siriano.  Since this still is a trend report, I’ll talk about what the featured designers have in store for us for Spring/Summer 2013. To start off, I’ll talk about the designers whose collections were a big part of the Belks boutique here on King Street.

Charleston Fashion Week: Spring 2013: Christian Siriano

Charleston Fashion Week: Spring 2013: Christian Siriano

The Belks show seemed to be all about embracing the equal sides of masculinity and femininity. It had influenced that ranged from nautical to stunning florals. The use of pastel colors against hard backgrounds was absolutely flawless and kept close to the emerging Spring trends on the runways. This use of pastels and nautical blue and whites are an easy trend to incorporate into your own wardrobe.  Start with a striped navy and white sweater or shirt, not only are stripes completely in this year, but navy and white are timeless colors that can work anywhere you go.

The next designer that was featured in Charleston Fashion Week was Christian Siriano. I am a huge fan of his and have been ever since his debut on Project Runway. His show can be summed up in one word: magical.  His inspiration for the Spring collection was Degas’s Three Ballerina’s. Christian’s outfits were chic and feminine, graceful and demure. It was almost like watching a Ballet. Each outfit was connected yet so different. The color choices bespoke of spring, from the soft pink to the light, mossy greens. His influences and patterns are the perfect choices for Spring this year and can be (and should be) incorporated into any wardrobe.

Overall, the featured designers were incredible as were the emerging designers.  If any of you have a chance to go next year, then I strongly encourage it. Until then, stay cool, stay strong and be fashionable my friends.

Josh M.

For more information regarding Charleston Fashion Week please go to their website at


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